Fine Art By Reva Myers

Hello again to my loyal followers of this website!  I have fairly well recovered from my surgery, tho I am skinny as a rail and still somewhat weak.  The third and final stage of my treatment for pancreatic cancer is beginning tomorrow, which is more chemotherapy. At this point I am expecting 4 months of this, bringing my treatment to a close at the end of the year.  As many of you know by now, I am not able to attend the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in person, although my booth there is open.  Brian my capable apprentice is managing it with the help of my faithful head minion Debbie and a new addition, Kevin.  He is a long time customer and admirer of my carvings and so is quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  At this point in time all my  work is in Minnesota, so if you wish to inquire about a purchase I must refer you to Brian.  Please access him by text if possible, 210-722-1910, and he will give you a call back, or email you if you prefer. Do remember that there is a substantial delay in marking pieces sold on the website when a show is going on, so you may have to inquire if the piece you are interested in is still available.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I have noticed that it is difficult to access the contact information if you are viewing the website on a phone.  Here it is on the home page for you! for email inquiries, 719-964-5432 for text or phone calls.  Please be patient with me, some days the phone is beyond me.  If I don’t respond to any inquiries in a few days, please do contact me again.

I have also received comments that it is difficult to access the actual photo of the carvings on a tablet or cell phone.  When looking at the drop-down menus on the left hand side of the screen, touch the arrow to the left of the word to see further categories, then make your choice.


Amber Moon is the business name of Reva Myers Shemanski, and markets her many artistic endeavors.  A professional artist since 1985 or so, Reva has worked in many media, including large format oil paintings, fiber arts and fashion design, beadwork and quillwork, knifemaking, and carving.  Since 1990 her main focus has been small format, wearable carvings, and cast jewelry designed from her original carvings.  She also continues to paint, and sell both original canvases and prints, both on canvas and paper.  Lately sewing has been on her to do list, and coats, pants and other whimsies are available.  Please explore the pages on this website to view the available works.  Information on purchasing is to be found at the top of the list of information pages in the “about” category.