About Amber Moon

Amber Moon is the company name of Reva Myers Shemanski.  It primarily markets her work in sculpture, painting and prints, fashion design, and cast metal jewelry. Working with her are her husband, Rafiki Shemanski; Brian Allison; Leesa Jackson; Grant Waldron; and Deborah Bojar.

Rafiki works all shows we go to, providing support in so many ways it would be hard to list them all, from setup and booth design, to sales, meals, troubleshooting, logistics, and all-around man friday.  When Reva paints henna, Rafiki is the reigning lemon-and-sugar daddy.  If it needs to be done, Rafiki is there to make sure it happens.  At home, he provides much-needed support so that Reva is free to concentrate on her artwork.  On top of all that he does for the business of Amber Moon, he is also a devoted and active grandfather, a radio DJ with a world-beat show on our local radio station, and  a massage therapist, among other things.

Brian Allison has been working with Reva for many years now – 7? 8? – starting as a polisher and sander, then moving up to prep work on the carvings, and now he carves some of the stock pieces we always keep on hand, as well as creating his own designs that are available through Amber Moon at some of our shows.  Brian has improved our systems for polishing dramatically, at this point Reva takes lessons from him on the finishing part of the carving process!  He also keeps our tools in working order.  Many processes are much easier after Brian gives them his attention.

Leesa Jackson works with Reva on the Kali Coats aspect of Amber Moon.  Together they sew fashions from recycled wool sweaters, making them into fabulous coats, hats, and other fashions.  Lately they have been branching out into pants, yoga wear and accessories, and bags.  The ideas flow fast and furious when Leesa and Reva get together to sew, and it is obvious from the goods they make that they are having a great time when they work together.

Grant Waldron works with us at Pantheacon, in the Bay Area.  He is there to help set up, tear down, do sales, and take us on fabulous hikes.  It is always a pleasure to spend some time with Grant ” Up on the Mountain!”

In Minnesota, Deborah Bojar is the “go-to” girl for booth backup.  She starts before the show opens, helping clean and set up the booth, then works Friday, Saturday, and Sunday setting up jewelry and doing sales each weekend.