About Antler


Most of the antler I carve is deer antler, specifically white tail deer antler, though some of the pieces I have are moose or elk antler. The white tail antler tends to have the finest grain and the nicest color, and so I prefer it above all others. Antlers are shed every year and the animal grows a new set, so this material can be used without harm to the animal in any way.” Drop” antler looks different on the crown than “harvested” antler, so I purchase only the naturally shed pieces.

Antler varies in color from pale whites through many shades of grey, some with a pinkish or greenish tint. Many pieces will have various shades in each piece. All antler has a porous core down the center, and the main challenge in working with antler is to design around this softer material so no pertinent details end up there.