Reva carves sculptures in amber, fossil ivory, antler, and jet. Most of the carvings can be worn as jewelry, although some larger pieces are designed as free standing display sculptures. All pieces are fashioned entirely by hand, and come strung on a cord or set on an earwire, ready to be worn.
Individual pieces can be strung together into combination necklaces offset with beads of various kinds. Feel free to inquire about custom necklaces.
Contact information and purchasing information are available in the “About” category at the top of the page.
Posts can be viewed by subject matter or materials. Thumbnails are linked to higher magnification images showing the scale, price and stock number.  Please make a note of the stock number, title of piece, and the category you found it under, before contacting me by phone or email to arrange a purchase.
*A note about photographing amber:  amber appears radically different in various lights.  Please keep this in mind when considering a purchase.  Please view this page, The colors of amber, to see 6 different views of one carving as an example.
Thank you for your interest, enjoy!