Cashmere Mermaid Coat, #C027

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Price:  $5,000

Year:  2014

For the girl who has everything!  This coat is 95% cashmere, 5% wool.  The waist measures 38″ the length to the bottom of the tail is 110″.  When being worn, the tail can button up to the waist or be carried over the arm.  When you sit, you tuck your feet inside the tail and cross over the opening, to have a seamless looking mermaid tail!  The bodice and tail are embroidered with clear iris sequins that resemble water droplets.  On the bodice these sequins are secured with real gemstone beads, in amethyst, peridot, and garnet.  On the tail there are glass beads securing the sequins.  The buttons are antique glass, also resembling water dr0ps.  There are also a few shell buttons.  The decorative “shells” on the bodice are actually pockets, made to resemble a bikini top, the  “seaweed” straps tie across the front to add to the illusion.  This coat comes with a shell hat, also cashmere, with sequin applique.  It has a chin strap that secures it to the head, so it appears that your face is inside the opening of the shell.  This coat is unique, as I guarantee I’ll never make another one!