CJ0006 Earth Mother Pendant

cj0006-earth-motherPrice:  Sterling $125   Bronze $35

Earth Mothers, also referred to as Venus figures, Divine Mothers, or goddesses are modeled after actual carvings from approximately 30,000 years ago. The most famous of these is the Venus of Willendorf. Various goddess figures have been found world wide carved in stone and ivory, and modeled in clay. They were symbols of the earth itself and all the things the earth provides us: food, water, air, materials for clothing and shelter. Historically Earth Mothers were depicted as both pregnant and obese, symbolizing the fertility of the earth and an abundance of food throughout the year. This was the essence of wealth and beauty in Stone Age culture.

As a modern symbol, these figures represent an awareness of the earth as our provider, and a reminder that we must care for the earth if we wish to be cared for in return. They appeal to the nurturing instinct in all of us, to enhance the growth of all beings to their fullest potential.