CJ0039 Small Pentacle Pendant with Oak and Acorn

cj0039-small-pentacle-with-oakPrice:  Sterling $35   Bronze $12.50

The five pointed star is sacred in many traditions. In Wiccan lore, the points represent the four elements that the ancients believed made up the known world- earth, air, fire, and water- plus spirit. The pentacle therefore symbolizes our unity with all creatures and things of the world. The essence of magic is to acknowledge this bond and work within it for the benefit of all.

The oak and acorn are potent symbols in Celtic tradition. They are related to the Green Man, the steadfast protector of home and family. The oak leaf signifies strength and endurance, while the acorn connotes loyalty and commitment. The acorn can also represent the humble beginnings of a great enterprise. Oak and acorn motifs are often given as handfasting gifts, or to commemorate any strong bond between people.