CJ0050 Ouroboros Pendant

cj0050-ouroborosPrice:  Sterling $62   Bronze $19

The serpent or dragon devouring its own tail is one of the oldest documented alchemical symbols known. It appears in the Codex Marcianus, (dating from the tenth or eleventh century) with the words, “ EN TO PAN,” (the One, the All.) The figure eight position this Ouroboros is in represents eternity and perfection, and a magic barrier of protection. As it swallows its own tail rather than just bites it, this is Ouroboros in its dynamic form, which is cyclical, moving, changing, and evolving. It symbolizes the gateway between our universe and the absolute. Carl Jung calls the Ouroboros the, “… most basic mandala of alchemy,” and describes it as the “ dragon that devours, fertilizes, begets, slays, and brings itself back to life again. Being hermaphroditic, it is compounded of opposites and is at the same time their uniting symbol.” (Psychology and Alchemy, Princeton U. Press, 1980, p. 372)