CJ0122 Small 4 armed Brigid’s Cross Pendant

cj0122-small-4-arm-brigid's-crossPrice:  Sterling $25   Bronze $15

Brigid is a traditional Celtic Triple Goddess, having two sisters also named Brigid. (In my opinion, that had to make things confusing on chore days.) She is associated with both sacred flames and holy wells, and symbolizes reaching for the heights of attainment in wisdom, excellence, perfection, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship, and healing. She is the patron of blacksmiths, poets, and healers. February 2 is sacred to her, the Gaelic holiday of Imbolc, which is celebrated on the day halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. The returning of warmth and sunlight after the winter is joyfully welcomed in this holiday which centers on hearth and home. The four armed cross is symbolic of the turning of the wheel of the year, while the three armed cross is representative of Brigid’s status as triple goddess, uniting the cycles of a woman’s life from maiden, to mother, to crone.