Reva makes a variety of handmade clothing styles, done in natural fabrics and all made personally either by Reva or with her partner in fashion crime, Leesa Jackson.  At this point in time they are concentrating on clothing and accessories made from recycled sweaters.

RainbowBridge1These coats are made by Reva and Leesa Jackson, based on a pattern developed by Katwise in New York. Reva and Leesa try to take them to the next level of artsy functionality, and they hope you like the results. Each coat is made from recycled natural fiber sweaters, cut and sewn into one-of-a-kind wearable works of art.



The pants and leggings are a new venture, also made from recycled sweaters, mostly cashmere, some lined with silk.  This pattern is original to Reva and Leesa.