Amber Moon Show Schedule 2017

Please visit us at the following shows this year!


San Jose, CA at the Doubletree Hotel

We are happy to be returning to Pantheacon in 2017!  Dates for the show are February 17-20, 2017, with a longer sales day on Friday the 17th than in years past.  Please visit their website, link above, for more information about the show.

Due to new legislation in California, we can no longer bring our fossil tooth, walrus tusk, narwhal tusk, and mammoth tusk jewelry to the faire.  It will still be legal for residents in California to own this material and wear it, but as of July 1, 2016, it will be illegal for me to bring it into the state for the purposes of resale.  From this time on, purchases will have to be made in Arizona or online as I will not be able to bring it to you. I certainly support legislation that protects elephants and marine animals from poaching, and do not use materials that are obtained in any questionable manner.  All my tooth and tusk material is legal, either fossil materials dating several thousand years old, or certified material obtained prior to the Marine Animals Protection Act of 1972.  This new legislation, however, does not make any exceptions for this legal material, and so it goes!  I have added Tagua Nut to the list of materials I carve, and have been working hard to add to my inventory of acceptable materials, to be ready for my California shows.


Arizona Renaissance Festival

Rafiki and I will be visiting the Arizona Renaissance Festival on 5th weekend, March 11-12, 2017.  We do not have a booth there, but would be happy to visit with you if you attend that faire.  We will be working for our friends Radha, Elena, and Arjuna at Crystal Underground (near the Falconer’s Heath and Merriment Stage,) and can be contacted there, or drop us an email, facebook message, or text to set something up!


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

We are sadly cancelling our guest weekends this year due to Reva’s having been recently diagnosed with cancer.  She is expected to pull through and be returning in 2018, and we are hoping that our loyal SoCal customers will revisit the website when our update is complete, and perhaps find something that tickles your fancy to purchase in this manner.  The update is proceeding, although slowly, so please check back often!


Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Weekends, August 19 through October 1, plus Labor Day and Festival Friday, September 29, 2017. Booth 106.

Again, our plans are up in the air due to illness, but our hopes are to have the booth up and running this season, whether or not Rafiki and Reva can attend.